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Gene Miller, Center for Urban Innovation


Introduction of Conference Themes
Rob Abbott, Stratos; Conference Moderator

Welcome to the Green City
Gregor Robertson, Mayor of Vancouver


The City and the Resilient Future
Paul Hawken, Author, Blessed Unrest

Welcome and New Smart Growth Vision
Cam Brewer, Executive Director, Smart Growth BC


Climate Prosperity - the Ingredients of a 21st Century Green City
Sam Adams, Mayor of Portland; Susan Anderson, Director of Planning and Sustainability; City of Portland; and Erin Flynn, Director of Economic Development, City of Portland

Waste Nothing–Integrated Resource Management
Jon O'Riordan, Fidelis Resource Group


Business and the One-Planet Economy
Sarah Severn, Director of Horizons, Corporate Responsibility, Nike Inc.

Message at Midway
Bill Weaver, Media That Matters


Time of Crises: When the Visionary becomes the Practical – an Ecocity Thesis
Richard Register, Founder and President, Ecocity Builders

Development is Community
John Knott Jr., President and co-founder of the Noisette Company, LLC


It's Sustainable Cities, Eh!
Mike Harcourt, Former Premier of British Columbia and Former Mayor of Vancouver

The Psychology of Change
Nola-Kate Seymoar, President and CEO, International Centre for Sustainable Cities


Planning Down – What if Can Do Can’t?
Bill Rees, Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia

Shifting Corporate Culture
Anita Burke, Founder, The Catalyst Institute


Sustainability From the Community Up
Majora Carter, President, The Majora Carter Group

Lois Jackson, Chair, Metro Vancouver


Sustainable Thinking, or What's a Future For?
Eva Kras, President, Canadian Society for Ecological Economics (CANSEE)

Story of Place: The Engine of Resilience and Regeneration
Pamela Mang, Principal, Regenesis, Inc.


Effective Climate Policies and Faking It Policies
Mark Jaccard, Professor, School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University

4,000,000 People, 100º–Phoenix Challenge
Jon Fink, Director Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS), Arizona State University and Rob Melnick, Executive Dean, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University


Living in the Living Forest
Doug Makaroff, President, Living Forest Communities

Sustainability Begins with Community
Jim Diers, Author, Neighbor Power: Building Community the Seattle Way



Leadership for Growing Resilient Cities: Principles and Practices
Carol Sanford, CEO, InterOctave Development Group, Inc.

Resilient Cities Manifesto
Mark Holland, Principal, HB Lanarc

Resilient Cities Manifesto